Our Services

All of our systems are hand-picked by you from our product range after consultation with and recommendations from us.
We stand by every system we install.


We provide a full service to ensure you get the best solar system for your own personal needs.

Our advice will educate and inform you on how to get the maximum benefits from your system.

We will recommend the options best suited to your household.

Our accredited teams of installers plan, prepare and install the equipment using best practices from the Clean Energy Council.

Following installation, we are available to answer any supplementary questions you may have.


The main benefit of solar for your commercial space is offsetting much of your energy demands.

A great quality commercial system will seamlessly work with your existing power supply from the grid.

Each unit the system produces is a unit you don’t have to buy from your power company.

Investing in a solar system is good for your bottom line as well as the environment.

A quote from Get Green Power will include estimates of the power your system will generate, the financial benefits and recommendations on the best combination to meet your present & future power consumption needs.

What Our Customers Say

They were experienced, helpful, professional and did not try to rip us off with inferior products at higher prices like some of the other operators in the industry.

Installation was smooth and they cleaned up after themselves very well. No issues at all since installation.

Jason Curtis

Making the decision to get solar was easy, finding the right company was difficult with so many options out there. Our friends recommend Allan from Get Green Solar as they had used there services before. We were so glad they did as the guys were super professional from the start to finish. Dont let anyone else offer you Solar if you have not spoken to Allan from Get Green first..

Paul Deans

Allan and team did a great job for a reasonable price and minimum fuss. Our roof is now happily delivering 30+Kwhrs a day.

After checking out a number of solar PV installers, I'm glad we chose Get Green Power.

Sam Blight

I have been very very happy for their excellent service and high quality products. Mr. Allan is always available to solve problems and help with advices, 7 days per week and probably 24 hours per day. I strongly recommend this company to everyone.

Margherita Cavani